Before & After

Browse Heritage Stonecraft’s gallery of projects delivered to satisfied customers in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Texas regions. Click any after picture to see it enlarged.

Kitchen Remodel #1:

Before, Laminate all the Way:

Customer had laminate countertops, laminate backsplash, and laminate flooring. The primary desire to replace appliances led them to renovate their kitchen.

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After, Heart of the Home:

Crema Bordeaux Countertops, Ankara Travertine Backsplash with Pewter Accents, Porcelain Tile Floor, Darker Stain on the Cabinets, replacing wallpaper with warm paint, undercabinet lights, and all new appliances, gave this kitchen a warm, welcoming feeling with all of the modern conviences.

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Kitchen Remodel #2:

Before, Blast from the Past:

Bright Yellow, Lime Green, and Plaid wall paper added to the laminate cabinets and florescent lighting and gave this kitchen a extremely dated feel.


After, Timeless Elegance:

Tropic Brown countertops, Travertine Backsplash, Tile floor, and new cabinets, lighting and appliances gave this kitchen a classic, clean look that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Kitchen Remodel #3:

Before, Builder Blah:

Builder beige walls, standard laminate countertops, and white cabinets made this kitchen look like basic and boring.


After, Contemporary Class:

Diamond White Granite with 4" backsplash, pale Green Paint and a new tile floor;.these simple changes added character and style and transfromed a painfully blah kitchen to something unique and elegant.


Wet Bar Remodel #1:

Before, Uninteresting Party:

Basic Laminate Countertops, Old Fixtures and Generic Cabinets made this wet bar uninteresting and the drain of the party.


After, A Sophisticated Affair:

Brazilian Black Granite added color and shine while a new sink and faucet updated the look of this once boring wet bar and made it the perfect serving area for a sophisticated party.


Bathroom Remodel #1:

Before, School Pride?:

'No we did not go to UT', the first words out of the mouth of the owner upon entering this bathroom. The UT orange cultured marble countertop and carpeted floor left a lot to be desired in this bathroom. Lack of storage space on walls led to a cramped feeling on the countertops.


After, Home Pride:

A tile floor that continued into the shower area opened up the room. The change from a full mirror to individual mirrors provided a space for towels and accessories keeping them off the beautiful new Mokono Brown Countertops that brought a warm feeling to this once harsh vanity. New fixtures and accessories tied the room together beautifully.


Bathroom Remodel #1 Part 2:

Before, Cramped and Crowded:

A fully enclosed shower and converted shower/tub made this bathroom feel as though it was closing in on you. Lowered ceilings in the shower and tub areas only added to this cramped feeling. While it was water damage that prompted the remodel, the homeowners decided they could use this opportunity to open up the room.



After, Cosy and Comfortable:

Cutting the wall down near the tub and removing the fourth wall of the shower opened up the room and allowed for much more light to filter in. The raised ceilings helped the room feel twice the size it once was. Unless told so you would not recognize this room from beginning to end.

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Bathroom Remodel #2:

Before, Pink Parts:

Pink accessories and pink & blue wallpaper did little to enhance the natural beauty of this space which included a beautiful exposed brick wall. A standard tile floor did little to help pull the room together and minor water damage prompted remodel.

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After, Beige Brilliance:

A new tile floor and Mokono Brown countertops brough a cohesive feel to this bathroom, perfectly complimenting the existing cabinets and brick wall. The Framed mirrors and other accessories only add to the feeling of warmth that eminates from this room.


Bathroom Remodel #3:

Before, Simply Standard:

Simple and Standard are the best way to describe this plain bathroom. White walls and a carpeted floor made this room drab with little appeal.


After, A Step Above:

Azul Aran Countertops provide the color pallet for this renovation, bringing a new feel to this otherwise simple bathroom. Enhanced by the painted cabinets and walls, original fixtures were in good shape and were able to be reused.


Bathroom Remodel #4:

Before, Stuck on Shore:

Seashell wallpaper and a stark blue and white theme left you feeling far from the sea.


After, Seaside Getaway:

Kashmir White countertops with new fixtures and a new paint color left you feeling as thought the ocean was right outside. Listen carefully and I think you can almost hear it.


Bathroom Remodel #5:

Before, Amazingly Average:

A basic twin vanity only added to the basic look of this bathroom. A carpeted floor and aging tub prompted the homeowner to remodel and bring some interest back into the room.


After, Distictivly Different:

Emerald Pearl granite was the starting point. Enhanced by the glass vessel sinks and unique waterfall faucets brought a sense of fun. A new tile floor, lighting fixtures and wrought iron accessories added to the drama of this otherwise drab bathroom.